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Founded in 2006, INCOMISA, in general, is a new company in the market, however, it already has extensive experience in manufacturing towers for transmission lines, gantry cranes for substations and telecommunication towers.

In 2010, it was responsible for supplying energy transmission towers for LT Lucala – Pambos de Sonhe – Uige, Angola, further expanding its space among competitors. In 2011, the first factory expansion took place, increasing the production capacity to 30 thousand tons per year, the following year the integrated management system was implemented in the company. The second expansion took place in 2015, increasing production capacity to more than 40 thousand tons per year. In 2016, INCOMISA was part of the supply of towers for the first 800 HDVC transmission line in Brazil, effectively consolidating its space. INCOMISA seeks to perpetuate itself in the market, therefore, security, practicality and agility are fundamental characteristics of its supply.


Our values


 Provide trust in the entire value chain and in the people involved;


 Act proactively and generate daily and continuous improvements, making the most of talent and improving knowledge;


  Permanently reinvent success;


 Adaptability to successfully adapt to the future;


  Pleasure to carry out our work.

quality policy

INCOMISA, through the manufacture of transmission towers, substation gantries, telecommunication towers, hardware chain and galvanizing services, ensures customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of processes, organization sustainability, commitment to pre-established strategic directions and full compliance with regulatory, statutory and contractual requirements.

Vision Mission and Values

Our vision

To be a reference in the market

which we operate through innovation,

knowledge and focus on results.

Our mission

Offer integrated solutions

and innovative with high performance in the area of

energy, being sustainable and generating value

for everyone involved.

Our Beliefs

I am responsible for the success of the Company;

A sailor without a north does not take advantage of good winds;

What is not measured cannot be managed;

We are stronger working as a team.

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